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It has been a long journey at Michigan State University.  It's hard to believe that it took me six years to accomplish this personal challenge, but I am proud of the accomplishment.  Not only am I proud of the work I did, I am proud of the level of resolve I showed to not quit when faced with ample opportunity.  This extended time frame actually proved to be a blessing in disguise.  It allowed me to watch technology evolve in education, instead of just learning about what happened after.  As I experienced it, I was in the position to shape it too.

Below you can explorer example work from each of my classes, click on each class titles to see more.  Pay attention to the work towards the top, this is my most recent, and ones that I believe showcase my learning and experience at MSU most accurately. 


Creativity in Teaching & Learning

Who knew that thinking outside the box was so much a part of human nature, and human learning?  Take a look at some of the projects I did while looking at the world with a different lens. 

Technology and Leadership

What a great experience.  This was likely my favorite course while at MSU.  It was challenging and current.  To me it felt like I was able to translate that content into my work immediately.

Foundations of Serious Games

I think it is becoming common knowldge that games can be serious teaching and learning tools if done correctly.  This course was a great way to immerse myself in the theory, and implement it in short focused exercises.

Adapting Innovative Technology to Ed.

While this wasn't my favorite course at MSU, I have to say that I did gain some valuable insight into the teaching standards that are critical in today's delivery methods.  This really help focus on transitioning those standards from the past, with the technology of the future.

I believe this was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences at MSU.  There was no question that before this course I had felt like I was OK at thinking about research and how and where to ask questions, and after, I was much more comfortable and confident in my thinking and expression of my ideas. 

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