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CEP - 416 | Teaching & Learning with Technology

Don't let the course number fool you.  For being a 400 level course, we covered a lot of good subjects, and the concepts in that course were at the cutting edge. (in 2007 anyway)  The concepts and technology that were introduced in this course really laid the groundwork for what was to come on the rest of the journey.  

Looking back on this experience, I realized that even today the educatoin community still doesn't leveregar all the things that technology affords us.   I think many of us are familier with things like RSS feeds, and features like Google Alerts, but do we ever consider how those can be leveraged in the classroom?.  

An overarching concept in this class, while not intentional, was the idea of how content is delivered.  I believe that one major area in education that can be simplified by technology is the way we deliver content to the learner.  I am not saying an e-book compared to a traditional paper book, but instead, rather than have the student go look for their next assignment and the materials they need to complete it, send it to them. Think of it as a push instead of a pull.  While that concept wasn't really fleshed out during this course, the roots stem from it.

Finally, while it is an outdated portfolio site, it was something I made back in 2007, and its neat to take a look back at what was cool then. Explore the links to the left to see my work.

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