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CEP - 815 | Technology and Leadership

I believe this course might have been my favorite of all the ones I participated in during my time inMSU's Masters of Educational Technology program.   The course was relevant and timely given the issues that plague the education community in the State.  Leadership is under a lot of scrutiny to teacher better and teach cheaper, in my eyes, these are both products of technology and leadership.   

One lesson that really stands out from this course was the sustainable technology plan.  I enjoyed this one so much because it really hit home with me.  This idea of creating something sustainable is always a major task at my organization.   Combine that with my natural interest in teaching and technology and you have a recipe for some quality learning.


Another area that I really enjoyed about the class was policy brief on class size.  It was good practice for doing critical thinking about the classroom environment, both virtual and physical, and was also an introduction to a new style of writing.

There is no question that the things done during this course will continue to shape who I become for a very long time.  Take a few minutes to look at some of my work to the left.

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