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CEP - 800 | Learning in Schools & Other Settings

Looking back over these assignments, I was actually pleased with what I had created.  The concept of "understanding Student Understanding  was fundamental in the rest of my journey.  Because of this concept, I make it a priority to take the first chance I get to let the learner tell me what they know about the subject.  Without knowing what the student believe's it makes it very difficult to make an effective plan on how to teach them the new concept.

To the left you can see a short paper I wrote on understanding student understanding, and the audio file that goes with it.  The image below is also part of that same project.  Later in the course we were given the ability to display our content creation chops, and the digital story telling video is what came of it.  

Finally, doing a thorough evaluation of current teaching objects in the market is a skill that is very important when deciding how and what to implement in your classroom.


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