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CEP - 864 | Career Counseling


Before starting my masters program at MSU, career counseling was something that I had an interest in.  My employer at the time had a career development web application that I had a major part in supporting.  I have always been interested in making people the very best that they could be, and helping align their skill sets with their goals came natural.  Because I have always taken such a strong interest in this process, I have really worked my skills of connecting to people.            

I have always been one of great self reflection, so the first assignment in this class was a challenge, but at the same time was a treat.  I took my work to an extreme and added a bit more data elements than required and created a very in depth view of my journey in life when it comes to careers.  This work was called the Career Development Time Line and can be viewed to the left. 

To the left I have also included a few more of my assignments that I feel are worth documenting and sharing.  Look around and feel free to shoot me a line to start a conversation.


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