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CEP - 811 | Adapting Innovative Technology to Education.

A very interesting course, although I felt the title was misleading.  While I had envisioned a more hands on learning experience that focused on a specific technology and how to implement it with examples.  Instead, I found this course to focus more on the educational theory and how it interacts with technology.  

In general the learning theory covered in this course was great, but I really felt the technology that was recommended was not at all innovative.  A few concepts I walked away with was understanding the principals of UDL, that is Universal Design for Learning.  It's a framework or checklist that is very helpful while creating learning content or lessons.  

Another area that I felt had merit in this course was the concept of a STAIR.   A STAIR is a Stand-Alone Instructional Resource.  Considering how to make an effective resource that can be used to teach a concept is an important part of the creation of teaching resources that get delivered electronically. 

Click here to learn more about UDL.


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