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CEP - 891 | Special Topic in Ed. Psych & Ed Tech

This course was not your traditional one.  This was a great experience, and unfortunatly when it was over I didn't have much to show for it except a change in my perspective.  This course focused on sharing and exploring best practices with online teaching and learning at the time.  There were lots of discussions and sharing of examples, but not any particular assignments to speak of. 

Thinking about some of the things in this class now seems humorous since it was such a long time ago.  Think about today, and the types of classes that you have been a part of in the online world.  Back then, those just didn't exist.  For the past year or two, you see instrcutors move courses from the traditional LMS to utilze web publishing tools like WordPress and Joomla to facilitate the course.  In 2007, this simply wasn't an option for most as building a webpage was much more time consuming and confusing.

The abundance of web publishing tools and techniques available to us today has really opened the doors to educators to explore different methods of engaging students.  No longer do you need to be a computer programmer or a graphic artist to create a stimulating digital experience.  My respect for these tools might not be as large had I not experienced this course and navigated the choppy waters of online learning during its growth and maturation.

To put the technology in perspective  I have included a short video explaining things about the internet.  I look at it now an just laugh... it shows how far we have really come.



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